Following is the information security policy of our company.
“To provide high quality products and services satisfying the customers,we manage the information assets of both our company’s and customers’ strictly.”
Based on the basic policy, we practice, review continually, and improve principles mentioned below.
  •  Establish information security management system and protect and secure information assets.
  •  Based on information security, establish internal regulations, and practice it.
  •  Provide necessary education intermittently to secure information security.
  •  By assigning proper human resources, organization, and technology, we secure information asset against unauthorized
            access to, leaks, modification, loss, destruction or hindered use.
  •  If by any chance,a security problem are found in information assets, the cause will be identified immediately and
            measures will be implemented to minimize damage, and efforts will be made to prevent recurrence.
  •  We respect information security-related laws, national guideline, and other social norms.
President     Tatsuya Yamasaki