Following is the quality policy of our company.
“By providing high quality products and services satisfying the customers, we contribute to the society through our business. ”
To achieve this quality policy, we act up to those principles mentioned below.
  •  Let all the employees know about the customers’ both present and future requirements and make an effort to increase
            customers’ satisfaction.
  •  Verify the effectiveness of this management system through operating the quality management system, and make an effort
            to improve it continually.
  •  Clarify the process of performing the quality policy, let all the employees know about it, and operate it.
  •  Each department sets the quality target according to the quality policy, make a plan to achieve it, and practice it.
  •  Prepare necessary management resources and assign them properly to make the quality management system work
            effectively, and provide the environment which all the employees are able to participate in.
President     Tatsuya Yamasaki